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Thursday, May 9, 2024 8:25

Families of Rafting Victims Demand Accountability

Relatives of U.S. tourists who died in a 2018 rafting accident along the Naranjo River are warning others against visiting Costa Rica.
Crowds at Ostional Beach

Does Costa Rica need congestion taxes to manage tourism?

A Bloomberg article suggested that they're the inevitable correction for over-tourism. Does Costa Rica need congestion taxes to manage tourism?
November 2019 Tourism Report - Costa Rica Tourism News

November Stats: Adapt to the Changing Marketplace

ICT's November tourism statistics are out. Our conclusion? Growth is still positive overall, but not for everyone.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Meni Mikowski

Let’s Talk Tourism is a new series of videos from Namu Travel Group founder and CEO Casey Halloran. In this first episode Casey talks to Costa Rican hotel owner Meni Mikowski.

June Stats: Is a Rebound Underway?

The June stats from ICT were released this week, and things are looking a bit better than they did last month. Is a rebound...

ICT’s “Essential Costa Rica” Campaign hits major U.S. and Canadian Cities

Through a virtual full-sensory immersion, ICT recreated the essence of a Costa Rican rainforest inside the container-sized Essential Costa Rica bus. The experience was delivered through 360˚ image transmissions depicting the country’s natural treasures, including lush flora, wind and atmospheric effects, and clever lighting.

Are Costa Rica Hoteliers Ready for Google?

Are you ready for Google? As of this week, hotels can now add Services and Amenities in Google My Business.
Poisoned alcohol brands

Tainted alcohol: What You Need to Know to Re-assure Visitors

After many Costa Rican tourism operators watched with dismay what was happening in Dominican Republic around possibly poisoned tourists, a crisis of our own has hit the country.
Abbott COVID-19 self-test kit (photo of packaging)

Could COVID-19 self-testing be a game changer for Costa Rica travel?

Over-the-counter self-testing kits will almost certainly be cheaper and much more convenient than a testing center in Costa Rica. Could this be a game changer in the waning months of the pandemic?
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October Stats: Will the year end on a high note?

After lacklustre growth in tourist arrivals over the spring and summer, October's numbers are giving Costa Rica's tourism professionals something to feel more optimistic about as we move into high season.

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El Ecoblanqueo y el Turismo Sostenible en Costa Rica

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2019 Costa Rican Airline Review

Alejandro Zúñiga took a look at Costa Rica's airlines and the traits that set them apart.

So, You Think You Want to Invest in Costa Rica Real...

If you are one of the people like I was almost 20 years ago that wanted to explore "The Dream" of Costa Rica real estate, I highly suggest you watch this video. It's a pretty realistic assessment of expectations.

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