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Tuesday, February 7, 2023 12:14
Chart indicating tourist arrivals my quarter, 2019-2022. It's Far From Over - Costa Rica Tourism News

It’s Far From Over

The weakness for tourism , according to President of CR Central Bank, Robert Cubero, will persist through 2022.

The Road Ahead: An Interview with Gustavo Segura

Costa Rica Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura's initiatives are putting Costa Rica on a sound path for a strong recovery and sustainable tourism growth.

Are Costa Rican airlines still safe to fly?

According to a press release yesterday from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Costa Rica does not comply with the safety standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As a result of this recent assessment, Costa Rica has been downgraded to a category 2.
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Five Ways Costa Rica Can Secure Travel Leadership

With the idea of reinvention and revitalisation in mind, Casey Halloran has a few ideas that could help Costa Rica to come out of this pandemic stronger and more innovative, and well-positioned to prosper in a changing tourism world.

Government agrees with deputies: Promote tourism and repair roads in Limón

In a meeting between the President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves, the Minister of the Presidency, Natalia Díaz, and legislators from Limón at the Presidential House, the Government made a commitment with the deputies of Limón to promote tourism in the province and attend to the routes in poor condition.

A river, a planet, a family

Managing risk for an optimal future: That was the motto of what has been the first World Summit of Whitewater Rafting.

Are Costa Rica Hoteliers Ready for Google?

Are you ready for Google? As of this week, hotels can now add Services and Amenities in Google My Business.
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Costa Rica Tourism Businesses Are Subject to Music Copyright Fees

Did you know that if you play music in public areas of your hotel, restaurant, or other tourism business, you're subject to royalty payments?
Uber Heads to the Beach!

Uber Heads to the Beach!

According to notice to users sent Monday, April 15th, Uber starts service in Liberia, Nicoya, Manuel Antonio & Jaco. 
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Ads to promote tourism will be published in airline magazine, says...

Tourism Minister Maria Amalia Revelo and the President of Iberia airlines, Luis Gallego, signed an agreement for advertising.

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Tainted alcohol: What You Need to Know to Re-assure Visitors

After many Costa Rican tourism operators watched with dismay what was happening in Dominican Republic around possibly poisoned tourists, a crisis of our own has hit the country.

In the eye of the beholder: A defence of San José

Ugly San José? No. There’s work to be done, it’s true. But take the time to look closely, and the capital’s inner beauty will surely reveal itself.

Costa Rica Moves to Approve Remote Worker Policy

Bill #22215, the Law to Attract International Workers and Remote Service Providers, is winding its way through the Costa Rican legislature. If passed, the law will allow remote workers to stay in Costa Rica for up to a year and add another six months after that if they wish.

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