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Friday, May 10, 2024 0:37
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Lo que significa realmente “cancelaciones sin costo” para los hoteleros de...

Comprenda el ángulo de marketing de OTA y aprenda a contrarrestar sus desventajas. Sin embargo, el mayor inconveniente asociado con las OTA y plataformas similares es la inseguridad financiera y las posibles repercusiones a largo plazo asociadas con la estrategia ubicua de "reserva sin riesgo".

What “free cancellations” really means for Costa Rica’s hoteliers

The biggest downside associated with OTAs is the financial insecurity and potential long-term repercussions associated with the ubiquitous “risk-free reservation” strategy.

Is Airbnb Killing Small Hotels in Costa Rica?

Is Airbnb Killing Small Hotels in Costa Rica? Are fewer tourists coming? Is the VAT a game-changer? We dig into last month's stats from ICT.

Who’s Stealing Your Customers?

If you think that you don’t need to pay to promote your business, think again. You are actually already doing it by way of commissions to third party agencies. And when you run the numbers (commissions paid), that’s really expensive especially considering they were already your customer.