The High Price of Booking Travel Online


We want to re-share Mary Stein’s Host Agency Reviews article, for it remains as relevant today as the day it was published.The article, The High Price of Booking Travel Online, explains why it can actually be cheaper for the consumer to book vacations through a travel agent rather than self-booking through online travel agencies (OTAs), such as TripAdvisor,, etc.

Stein’s piece starts by revealing a startling number: 8.7 billion. Minutes, that is. That is the number of minutes that Americans spend each year planning and booking vacations. She then talks about some of the drawbacks of booking through OTAs, and some of the benefits of using travel agents.

The whole article is here, and we strongly encourage you to read it. But Host Agency Reviews also provided a handy infographic if you don’t have the time to read right now. We’re happy to share it here for your convenience:

The High Price of Booking Travel Online, source: