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Tuesday, May 7, 2024 3:53
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Airbnb orders all hosts to refund existing reservations

Airbnb has invoked its "extenuating circumstances" policy globally, which requires all hosts to refund for their reservations amid the sweeping coronavirus pandemic. Many Airbnb hosts, who believe the company should share in the pain, are upset about the policy.

Owner of an Airbnb in Escazú is hit with $53,000 Fine

The owner of the Airbnb property, Villa Le Mas apartments in San Antonio de Escazu, is required to pay the family of Carla Stefaniak $53,000 after she was murdered by a security guard in their employ.

Will regulations kill Airbnb in Costa Rica?

Will regulations kill Airbnb in Costa Rica? QCostaRica reports that Airbnb fears that the regulations and taxes will be too onerous for many of the small operators for single mothers who rent rooms in their homes.

How to respond to technological disruption in the tourism sector

Whether we like it or not, technological disruptors like Uber, Airbnb, and others are sparking conflict in Costa Rica, especially around taxis. We review the situation with an aim toward cooperation and innovation.

Airbnb hosts will pay VAT starting July 1

The new Value Added Tax being introduced in Costa Rica is intended to target cross-border transactions and will include a broad swath of services that include Netflix and Airbnb.

Costa Rica Moves Forward with Taxation, Regulation, of Airbnb

The Costa Rican government announced plans to formally tax Airbnb, VRBO, and all short term rentals.