Let’s Talk Tourism: Hans Pfister

In the third episode of Namu Travel's Let’s Talk Tourism, Casey Halloran talks to Hans Pfister - President & Co-Founder of the Cayuga Collection.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Adam Baker

Let’s Talk Tourism is a new series of videos from Namu Travel Group founder and CEO Casey Halloran. In the second episode Casey talks to travel presenter and marketing media guy Adam Baker.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Meni Mikowski

Let’s Talk Tourism is a new series of videos from Namu Travel Group founder and CEO Casey Halloran. In this first episode Casey talks to Costa Rican hotel owner Meni Mikowski.

Off-Roading Goes Green: How Electric ATVs are changing transportation and tourism in Costa Rica

Thanks to Costa Rica’s green incentives, these vehicles are available for sale now, and their price rivals the gas-powered alternatives.
IMF Headquarters (Reuters)

James Dyde on alternate proposals to the IMF

"Will the legislature, private sector, and public sector come together for the good of the country? It doesn’t look hopeful," says long-time Costa Rica tourism industry veteran James Dyde of
Photo: Courtesy Gay Community News

Hate speech tarnishes Costa Rica’s tourism sector

With the May 26 decision to legalize same-sex marriages, some tourism industry professionals and news outlets took it upon themselves to share homophobic sentiments publicly and on local social media platforms.

Make Work Great Again: Costa Rica is Perfect for Remote Workers

Friendly people, great climate, affordable, good broadband, and beaches and sloths, too: Costa Rica offers the ultimate opportunity for remote professionals.
View of an empty plane - Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

The Future of Travel: What’s in store for Costa Rica?

We don't yet know when things might return to normal. Indeed, we don't even know *if* they will return to normal.
Screenshot of Youtube video by Caya

How Costa Rica beat the New York coronavirus response

Costa Rica beat the New York coronavirus response. Caya, a Costa Rican-American Youtuber who makes videos about startups, tech and travel, asks: "How did we do it?" Orders Costa Rica Hotels To Refund Reservations has notified its partners that any requests from guests, through its website or call centres, for refunds of reservation prepayments will be provided without penalty.