So, You Think You Want to Invest in Costa Rica Real Estate?

If you are one of the people like I was almost 20 years ago that wanted to explore "The Dream" of Costa Rica real estate, I highly suggest you watch this video. It's a pretty realistic assessment of expectations.
Nurse giving a man a vaccination - photo courtesy of Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - via Unsplash

Will Costa Rica Survive or Thrive in the future?

Despite many problems, Costa Rica may facing a future of great opportunity.
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COVID Test to Enter US: What You Need to Know in Costa Rica

What you need to know about the new rule requiring COVID tests for all air passenger to the US.
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Five Ways Costa Rica Can Secure Travel Leadership

With the idea of reinvention and revitalisation in mind, Casey Halloran has a few ideas that could help Costa Rica to come out of this pandemic stronger and more innovative, and well-positioned to prosper in a changing tourism world.
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Vaccine news has led to a spike in tourist bookings

Washington Post travel writer Hannah Sampson says global tourism providers can expect relative "masses of travelers in the summer of 2021, with a swell expected to stretch into the end of the year and beyond."
Costa Rica ending week with increase in coronavirus hospitalizations - The Tico Times

Costa Rica’s COVID outbreak in context

Costa Rica has the 46th-most new cases per capita over the past seven days, according to The New York Times. At 21.5 new cases per 100,000 people, this significantly trails the United States, but is higher than Canada.
The Costa Rica News - Remote Worker bill

Costa Rica Moves to Approve Remote Worker Policy

Bill #22215, the Law to Attract International Workers and Remote Service Providers, is winding its way through the Costa Rican legislature. If passed, the law will allow remote workers to stay in Costa Rica for up to a year and add another six months after that if they wish.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Joaquin Rodriguez

In Espisode 6, Casey catches up with Argentine expat Joaquin Rodriguez, a Partner and Director at Stay in Costa: a property management company that offers high-end Vacation Rentals and Luxury Houses & Condos inside Los Sueños Resort and Marina.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Colin Brownlee

In Episode 5 of Let's Talk Tourism, Namu Travel Group's Casey Halloran talks with Colin Brownlee, owner of the boutique hotel Banana Azul in the Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Jim Damalas

In Episode 4 of Let's Talk Tourism, Namu Travel Group's Casey Halloran catches up with Jim Damalas, CEO and Founder of Greentique Hotels